you have found the sluttiest site in nyc

warning ... this site is not for the prudish ...
it is all about extreme sex ... and loving it
leave now unless you want to see hot naked men

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from a friend:
You certainly lived up to your name today.  An ass-crazed, hole-centric, slutboy if I ever saw one !!!


b+d, w/s, etc.

use + abuse



pig bottom

gang bangs

ultimate: guys stuff my ass
with cocks, toys, fists 
while tied up + taking their piss

july 2004 +2006
- same apartment

a deep fist
march 2003 -
midtown madness

pissing into the speculum
fisted, pissed in the speculum, stuffed with anal balls and fisted with a red rubber glove

all tied upi like my zucchini
3 months under
the hands of M -
fall of 2002

i like big toys
1 man with ws
2 guys with toys
3 tops with dildos

 new york apartments
march 2005 to sept 2006

more fist in hole
fun in the summer 2002

home alone

taking a hand
past sex


pix from one sunday morning in the east village
sunday morning in the east village

my toys
no pix - 3 months of diary notes

the slutboy is abused
beyond human comprehension

pix at home
sept -  dece 2006


sucking two guys
odds + ends
first half of 2003

we all made ONE film, no?

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